Writing Robinson’s History

Posted On April 9, 2013 by H. Fenwick Huss, Dean, Robinson College of Business
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Robinson is poised to accelerate its growth, reach and impact not only in Georgia, but also across the country and around the world.

Dean H. Fenwick HussWinston Churchill famously said, “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” At Robinson, we intend to write our own history by first shaping our future. Although we cannot predict the future, we can anticipate the changes and do our level best to prepare for them.

Robinson’s strategic plan – Vision 2020 – provides a positive, obtainable roadmap for the college’s future development. By focusing on three overarching goals – quality of business education, research distinction, and business community engagement – we will ensure that the college continues its upward momentum.

In terms of enhancing our reputation for quality business education, Robinson will:

  • Develop a networked curriculum, which means integrating cross-disciplinary topics
  • Create programs to challenge and recognize our top students, such as a leadership program we are piloting with students in the college’s Honors Program, to help prepare them for life in the global business world
  • Develop elite programs to meet the needs of current and future leaders
  • Create new opportunities for students to have meaningful international experiences by increasing study abroad opportunities and expanding partnerships with international universities
  • Create a Center of Excellence in Communication to help students achieve greater levels of success by arming them with these critical skills in a real-world setting

To achieve global distinction for research, Robinson will:

  • Develop and support research across traditional boundaries to ensure that Robinson remains at the forefront of solving complex, future business problems
  • Institute an Undergraduate Research Fellows Program to engage students early in the process of conducting academic and applied research
  • Increase research support and funding by attracting new funding, donations, and grants for the college

To engage the business community at all levels, Robinson will:

  • Create embedded relationships with industry partners by leveraging existing relationships and fostering new ones
  • Empower the alumni base to become more engaged by providing meaningful opportunities for participation in the life of the college
  • Develop sustained, significant international relationships by creating new programs with universities around the world

Each of these is a worthy goal. Together they comprise a vigorous and exciting strategic vision that will guide the Robinson College in coming years. Already recognized by many stakeholders to be a top business school, Robinson is poised to accelerate its growth, reach, and impact not only in Georgia, but also across the country and around the world. With the continued enthusiasm of our students, the excellence of our faculty, the dedication of our staff and the engagement of our alumni I’m confident Robinson’s history will be well written.

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