Kumar featured in “Legends in Marketing” series

Posted On April 8, 2013
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V. KumarMany already considered him a legend, but now it’s official. Robinson’s V. Kumar (VK), is one of a handful of scholars who were chosen for the “Legends in Marketing” series from SAGE Publications.

Kumar holds the Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair in Marketing and is executive director of the Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management. He is prominent within academic and business circles for his contributions to the theory and practice of marketing – most especially for his pioneering concept of Customer Lifetime Value, which measures a customer’s future value to a company and has helped IBM, Procter & Gamble and Prudential, among others, generate more than $1 billion in revenue.

The “Legends in Marketing” series was created to ensure that the next generation of academics can access the work of the discipline’s preeminent scholars and to preserve their publications for posterity. The work of each “legend” is organized into six to ten volumes, each of which is devoted to a specific area of research. Having published more than 200 papers on a broad range of marketing topics, VK is the subject of 10 volumes totaling 3,028 pages.

VK also directs the Department of Marketing Ph.D. program. He recently was awarded a Regents’ Professorship, the highest academic status granted by the University System of Georgia.