From Peachtree Street to Wall Street

Posted On April 9, 2013 by Jenifer Shockley
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Students in the Panthers on Wall Street Program are passionate about its influence on their lives.

Things came full circle for Travis Steed (M.S. ’10) this past September. Steed was hosting 18 of Robinson’s most accomplished students at the New York offices of Macquarie Capital, where he is an equity research… more »

Flash Back, Fast Forward

Posted On April 9, 2013 by Rhonda Mullen
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An approach of innovating, adapting and transforming has marked the Robinson College EMBA program for 30 years, but more than anything, say those who know, it has changed lives.

In 1982, as Patricia Allgood prepared to cross the stage to receive a diploma from a brand new Executive MBA program at… more »

The Road to 2020

Posted On April 9, 2013 by Rhonda Mullen
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The task force started with a clean sheet of paper and a broad charge from Dean Huss: to reimagine Robinson for the 21st century. The college convened the group to draw up a strategic roadmap through 2020, and throughout the 18-month process, task force members and the Robinson Board of Advisors… more »

On a Roll

Posted On April 9, 2013 by Peter Ashley
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Despite the persistent economic headwinds the U.S. has been experiencing since 2008, Kat Cole has continued to move forward, remain positive, and expand an already successful brand.

Good luck trying to label Kat Cole, president of the Cinnabon® brand and Robinson alum. Kat’s tenacity as a leader is matched only by… more »